Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keep that Fire Burnin'...Burnin'...Burnin'

Fire #4:  Bookshare.org
I presented a session at SLATE entitled Independence in the Inclusive Classroom.  I had two objectives.  First, I wanted to stress the importance of teaching self-advocacy skills to special education students.  Self-advocacy is the single most important skill I teach, and it is a skill that needs to be taught directly. 
Second, I wanted to highlight technology tools (accommodations) that allow students to be independent while participating in regular education curriculum.  The single most important tool that I cannot emphasize enough is Bookshare and its accompanying Read2Go app.  This is a FREE service that provides accessible books (fiction, nonfiction, textbooks) to people with print disabilities.  Over 50 people were in my sectional, and under 5 were aware of Bookshare.  I hope those 50 people mentioned Bookshare in conversation with other colleagues at least once, and I hope they have taken the necessary steps to get their FREE organizational memberships.  It is a crime not to use this service. For more information, check out my glog.

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