Thursday, January 26, 2012

Digital Learning: Not Just for Kids

With all this talk about the ereaders, the cloud, Kindles, iPads, and tablets, many people are left feeling out of the loop.  However, schools and students cannot move forward in the digital learning age without the community and especially the parents having some basic understanding of what digital learning actually entails.  In an effort to wash away some of our fears, maybe we should consider what digital learning is NOT.  Feel free to add items to my list in the comments.

1. Digital Learning is NOT about the WOW factor.  WOW is temporary.  Digital learning is life-long and ever-changing.
2.  Digital Learning is NOT simply searching the internet or using a computer.
3.  Digital Learning in NOT only about consumption.  Digital learning is about creation.  We are the creators of what is consumed.  There is tremendous power in that.
4.  Digital Learning is NOT a concept that can be mastered in a few professional development sessions.  It is a way of life that is enhanced by experimenting and experiencing.  It does not bite. Go ahead...try something...anything.  
5.  Digital Learning is NOT isolating.  It is the key to enhanced collaboration and team work.  Digital Learning makes the world accessible to all regardless of location and financial status.
6.  Digital Learning is NOT going away.  It is only going to become increasingly more prevalent.
7.  Digital Learning is NOT just for kids.  We can all learn and create digitally, and...we should! 

It is my hope that many will join me and my colleagues for our Digital Learning Day event.  The following is the info being sent out to members of the community.  Please share and please join us!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012, is National Digital Learning Day.  Potosi Schools will be providing hands-on learning and information needed to get started with your iPad, kindles, smartphones, and other devices.  We will also highlight the cloud and using social media as a communication tool.  Representatives from the public library will also be on hand to teach people how to check out electronic books from the public library system, so bring your library card.  The event will start at 6:00PM.  We invite you to come and learn more about what’s happening in the world of technology.  Please bring your smartphones, iPads, Kindles, and other devices.  Our wireless network will be open to our guests.